How to make chicken stock.

Get you a chicken carcass.

Smack it a few times with a big heavy butchers knife (Don’t use your chefs knife here) to crack the bones and make it fit in your pot. Alternatively you can use a couple of leg quarters. It’s better if you crack the bones.

Put it in the pot and cover it with water.

Bring it to a boil, a full rolling boil.

Pour out all that hot water down the drain, and rinse the carcass with cold water.

Cover it with cold water again

bring it to a boil again.

This time, once it gets to a rolling boil, turn it down, skim off the foam, and let it…

simmer for an hour.

salt and pepper to taste, or, you can use it in your favorite recipe.

If you want to use the chicken for another dish (say a casserole or a chicken salad) then take it out at about 15 minutes, pull off the meat, and return the bones and cartilage to the stock pot for the last 45 minutes.