How to hang a bear bag.

This is sometimes called the pct method.

Sew a ring to your food bag

Back at home, you gotta make sure there is a loop or hook or caribiner sewed into the strong part of your bag, and that it is strong enough to hold up your bag.

Bring some strong cord

Make sure you carry some cord.

I also carry a throw bag, for getting your cord over the limb. (drawstring bag with a keyring sewed in, fill with rocks at camp)

Pick a branch

three times higher than Yogi can reach (here that’s about 20 feet), and 8+ feet away from the bole.

Throw your cord

over the branch.

unhook from throw bag

and hook into food bag.

Run loose end of cord through ring on food bag

Pull loose end of cord

until food bag is against tree.

Tie a stick

as high as you can reach into that loose end.

Lower the food bag.

The stick won’t go through the food bag ring, holding it about 12 feet high.

Leave the free end loose.