John Chambers On ThermoFork

Regular meat thermometers that work good for a pot roast don't always work good on the egg, because the probe that goes into the meat absorbs the heat from the fire around

I've seen the thermometor forks that tell you if it's done, but they won't reach the middle of a big picnic, and you can't really tell where's the middle of ribs. And most of those don't even give you a temperature, but tell you if it's done for beef, pork, or chicken.

Well, I'll tell you that not all cuts of pork are done at the same temperature, and that's even more true for beef. And, what is really "done" according to safety rules in chicken, is sometimes not "done" in terms of texture & color, so here's the design I propose:

A probe about 2 or three inces long, having sensors about every .1 inches, that will read instantly, and give you a graph or list of the temperatures through the piece of meat.

Temperature graphing meat probe