John Chambers On Rain Alarm

For "storm water pollution prevention" at my company, we are required to "perform and document a visual examination of the storm water at each outfall", and we are required to do this quarterly. However there are some special stipulations:
  • Must be done during a major storm event (more than .1 inches of rain)
  • Must be done during daylight.
  • Must be within 30 minutes of the beginning of the rainfall event.
  • Not done during lightning storms.
  • Not done within 3 days of previous major storm event
But, since we all work inside and rarely know exactly when it starts raining, it is easy to miss the first 30 minutes of a storm event.

What I need is a two part wireless rain alarm. One part is a sensor that would go on the roof or elsewhere to sense the beginning of the rainfall event, the other is a reciever that would alert the wearer that it is time to sample.

Wireless Beginning of rainfall event alarm.