First aid for back pain

Get a bamboo mat or blanket long enough to lay on. Spread the mat out on the floor. Lay face down on that mat, with your head turned to one side. Lay their for a long time, relaxing the lower back, until every muscle in the lower back is completely relaxed. Now, lay there 5 minutes longer.

Now you should feel somewhat better. You have to let the damage heal. The damage is done by bending forward. You have to fix your posture, so you don’t bend forward.

Now that you feel better

Go research "McKenzie Method" of physical therapy for back pain. Buy a book to do it yourself, or find a physical therapist that uses his methods. Another source is "Doctor Jolie Bookspan" and her "Treat your own pain without drugs or surgery".

Some warnings!

Some things that seem to be helpful in the short term are actually harmful to your back:

  • Touching your toes

  • Curling up in "fetal" position

Something Else:

Lift with your legs, not with your back.

even if it is just a piece of paper!

In fact, while you are healing, don’t bend forward at all.

Fix your posture.

I’m can’t tell you how, it’s too complicated. Doctor Jolie Bookspan can tell you how. Until it heals, the best positions are laying flat or walking. Most "standing around" postures are not good for your back. Sitting with good posture is also difficult.

Good Luck!

I hope you get feeling better soon!